Our Dream Come True

Written for our newborn son

In our dreams
We thought of you.
In our prayers
We hoped for you.

In our love
We created you.
In our hearts
We loved you.

Into our lives
We embraced you.
Into our world
We welcomed you.

In our arms
We hold you.
We have named you




My Mother Is A Little Different

Written for my son to read to everyone in his elementary school.


Every mother has a different eye color.
Every mother has a different hair color.
Every mother is different.

My mother is a little different.
She rides in a wheelchair instead of walks.
Yet together we go on strolls.

My mother loves to talk yet her words are a little different
She sounds a bit funny.
Yet if you listen you can understand her.

Her hands look like yours but work a little different.
She can hardly write.
Yet she types and writes great stories.

Her body is complete but her posture is a little different.
She isn’t sick, she was born that way.
Yet her disability stays the same.

Her brain thinks but her motor skills are a little different.
She knows exactly what I need.
A loving mother.





All She Asks Is Why

Written for a five year old when I realized no matter how much I explained she wouldn't understand.


A little hand touches the round thing making my chair move.
It rolls forward.
She asks, "Why do you need that?"
A little face with sad eyes, looks up.
She asks, "Why can't you walk?"
I tell her, "I was born this way."
Her eyes laugh as if they understand.
She asks, "Can you give me a ride?"
"Why can't I have one of those cars you drive?"
I assure her she’d rather walk.
All she asks is "why?"




For Christine

Written by a woman who attended my book presentation.


Sometimes people come into your life
With whom you immediately click.
You feel the energy they give you,
To make you walk on clouds.

Sometimes a miracle happens in your life
And you think is this really happening to me.
You meet someone who is so special,
That they take your breath away.

Sometimes you need someone at a certain moment
To teach or show you something.
Even though it doesn’t cost a cent,
You are given valuable advice.

Sometimes you meet someone with a disability
And you think: how should I deal with that?
To such a person everything is pure, nothing fake.
You learn - I don't have to pretend.

My first meeting with Christine a revelation:
What a warm, cheerful, charming woman.
What determination, what a positive story,
Despite all the sadness and pain.

I could only think - I wish I had some of her courage!


Marjo Van Es



Page 251 - My first published piece.


A Wedding Cry

Written for my sister.


She was my best friend.
Now she comes to you.
We were happy.
Never sad.
She found you,
That gives me peace,
May you love her as much as she loves life!
For yesterday she was my best friend,
But today she is your wife.